For many, change can be scary. It makes things different, and different can be better or worse. Where there is uncertainty, people can feel at risk. I like to make change less scary, by making change less risky.

When we create good data gathering techniques, we can predict how change will affect us. We choose to practice agile process to make sure the things that matter most stay the same. We embrace small change often; then, using the data we have gathered, we ask ourselves are we better today than we were yesterday? We empower ourselves and each other. In doing so we know that while tomorrow might not be as good as today, every day is making us better than we have ever been.

I’m Will Weaver, I’m an agent of change.


29 Oct 2015 . tech . Keeping the Pipeline in Source Control using Make Comments

This post is a work in progress. As someone who subscribes to the belief that the right tool for the job is the tool that the team is most comfortable working in, I have found the need to be extremely flexible in how I work. I often change languages and tool sets frequently. In the most extreme cases every few hours as I move from one pair to the next. I love knowing that each developer I pair with is working with the tools that make them the most functional, but it comes at the cost of massive amounts of context switching for me. I feel the need to create an interface layer. Something that allowed me to talk about the build pipeline in abstract concepts that mapped…

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